2020 Bathroom Colour Schemes

The colour theme you choose for your bathroom will impact the overall feel of the bathroom, so we thought you might need some more inspiration before you get too much further down the bathroom rabbit hole.

Forest green – a trend we’re seeing on the rise over the past few years is to bring the outdoors in. More and more interim designers and bathroom planners are gravitating towards the darker moody colours found in natural New Zealand forests. Though the placement of such dark greens needs to be considered carefully as the last thing you’ll want is to make the bathroom feel smaller than it needs to be. If forest green is a theme you think might look nice in your home, consider only doing one wall or one section of the bathroom that gets flooded with natural light, so you don’t feel too claustrophobic on a winter’s morning.

Black and white – a timeless colour combination for bathrooms across the last century. Having a bright white base with touches of black on the fixtures not only makes a space feel bigger, but it can also energise you in the morning. This kind of modern boho theme looks stunning where black framed glass doors and windows break up the otherwise bright white bathroom.

Vintage on the rise

  •  Teal was the colour of the early 1960’s with people wanting everything from planes and cars to curtains, tiles and plates all to be the striking teal. Like with many trends that have been around before, teal is making a comeback, and many people are loving inculpating teal into their bathrooms. The colour itself works well as a statement piece for a bath or can create serenity with a fully tiled teal shower.
  • Butter yellow is another vintage colour on the rise. Popular in the 1970’s, the warm yellow butter colour was often overused in interior decorating, and entire rooms would evolve into the one yellow room. Lucky that element of the colour trend is not back in fashion, however adding a touch of warm butter yellow can really warm up a room. Paired with a white base, the pop of butter yellow creates a statement piece in the bathroom and can make a space feel larger than it is in reality.

Stone – not quite the warm tones of natural sand and not quite the dark tones of grey, stone is a wonderful bathroom colour to create a natural space for you to get ready in the morning or unwind at the end of a long week. Stone works well with weatherboard to create a calm space in any bathroom and is becoming an increasingly popular colour theme choice for interior designers.

Add a pop of pink – pinks and corals are a trend we have seen on a steady rise over the past few years. Adding a bright colour to your bathroom may seem like a bold choice, however, as many people are finding, statement colours in the bathroom can transform your space and help inspire your creative side every morning. Although pink tiles may be a hard sell to your partner, it’s worth a shot, right?

All Natural – although not a common option in the past due to the humidity in the bathroom, interior design trends are seeing a rise in natural golden wood that’s been sealed especially to suit the humidity environment of a bathroom. If you don’t want to stray too far from the simple white bathroom, adding one statement piece like golden wood shelves as an alternative to a vanity can modernise and elevate your bathroom without too many additional expenses.

The bold choice – many people shy away from having black in the bathroom as the colour often makes a space feel smaller and more claustrophobic than it actually is. But some bold people are willing to give it a shot, so if you are thinking of having black as the main colour in your bathroom – go for a matte finish. Matt finishes will make the black feel more homely and bring a retro feel to the bathroom. If this is something you might be interested in, talk to your project manager sooner rather than later to ensure the layout of your bathroom complements the darkness of the black.

Ocean breeze – many kiwis, find the beach calming so why not incorporate that feeling of serenity you get at the beach into your bathroom. Ocean blue tiles and white or grey furnishings? Works well to create a calming and aesthetically pleasing space for you to get ready in the morning. Balancing the blues and the natural; tones will allow you to enjoy a bathroom that feels equally relaxing and energising.

Desert storm – private spas around the globe all have one common theme, natural desert colours. Create your own private spa using natural clay colours and feel that relaxing spa feeling every day. Looking to natural stones, sands and clays for colour inspiration is a great way to bring that natural energising feeling into your home. If this is something you think you might like to incorporate into your new home, get in touch with your project manager who can walk you through the natural stone selections we have for bathrooms.

The roaring 20’s – there’s nothing more classic and elegant like the roaring 1920s so why not bring the glitz and the glam back into your bathroom. Striking tile designs and gold framed mirrors will transform your bathroom back in time, creating a space where you want to get ready in the morning. If elegance and glamour are what you’re looking for, this might just be the theme you need to achieve it.

If you’ve read this and think your bathroom could use an upgrade, feel free to get in touch with the 3C Homes team who can help you get the bathroom of your dreams.