Small homes builder wins two Bronze Awards

With two Bronze Medals in the bag, a small Auckland home builder is aiming for greater glory.

3C Homes, which has built over 100 homes over the past ten years, is not resting on its laurels despite its success at the recent New Zealand Master Builders House of the Year Awards.

Impressive progress

3C Homes Director Evalyn Lal says that the company is very excited to take home two Bronze Awards from the prestigious Master Builder 2020 House of the Year competition.

“And we are so proud of our team’s craftsmanship that has helped us win this Award. Now we know that we can win Bronze, were aiming for Silver and Gold. At 3C Homes, we are always pushing to deliver the best outcomes for our clients….plus a Gold Medal would look really nice on our office walls,” she said.

3C Homes has 18 home projects in progress and is about to finish and hand over home number 102. Its staff base has grown to 15.

Challenging market

The housing market in New Zealand is challenging, not only for home buyers but also for builders.

Ms Lal said that there is limited availability of suitable land for people to build new houses. Other factors at play are people mulling over whether to build rather than buy, easy availability of finance and quality of workmanship out there.

“The Auckland housing market is hot right now, and with a flood of expatriate Kiwis returning home. Competition is ripe if you are considering buying,” she said.

Her advice to those on the market for homes is that you won’t go wrong with building your own dream house.

“When you are looking to build, you are not only creating an asset that you own in the market, but you will also have the ability to build something that is perfect for you. No need to fix the bathroom or re-do the kitchen; everything will be just as you designed it,” Ms Lal said.

She said that building a home with 3C Homes takes the stress away of sourcing materials, applying for consents and organising your build so you can enjoy the experience.

“Our team is on hand to help answer any questions you might have during the process, and you will get weekly updates from your designated project manager,” Ms Lal said.

Originally written by Sudesh Kissun for Indian Newslink