Best flooring options for kitchen

The greatest kitchen flooring has to be extremely functional, but its aesthetic features are also critical for any enthusiast of excellent interior design.

Despite these dual demands, there are several types of flooring accessible to complement a wide variety of kitchen designs. With such a wide variety of options, the topic of how to pick the finest kitchen flooring becomes critical. Each kitchen flooring option has unique characteristics and maintenance requirements, and some are better suited to specific homes and lifestyles than others.

The following are some excellent choices:

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By nature, hardwood is a relatively durable flooring material for the majority of sections of the home. However, for many years, hardwood was seen as an unsuitable material for bathrooms and kitchens, where moisture is frequently a concern. The impression of hardwood flooring has shifted slightly as a result of contemporary sealers and polyurethane treatments that make the material more resilient and long-lasting in regions prone to dampness.

Even so, caution should be taken while selecting hardwood flooring for a kitchen. Whether it's pure hardwood planks or engineered wood flooring with a hardwood veneer, hardwood flooring is inherently more prone to moisture issues and stains than other types of flooring. Here are a few other advantages and disadvantages of hardwood in the kitchen:

• Advantages: Hardwood is gentler underfoot, has a higher resale value, and can be sanded and refinished to restore its original appearance if it becomes too old.
• Disadvantages: Hardwood is prone to denting and scratching due to imbedded grit, installation is difficult for do-it-yourselfers, and it is pricey.

In a kitchen, hardwood flooring will vary and deteriorate somewhat over time as a result of spills, splatters, and stains. However, if you appreciate the individuality of a well-used hardwood floor in a kitchen, you can select hardwood.

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Tile Flooring

For decades, tile flooring has been a popular choice for kitchen flooring. With a variety of material alternatives (including porcelain, stone, and ceramic), tile provides homeowners with several personalisation options. Tile flooring is available in an array of forms, sizes, and designs; it may even be installed in a number of patterns to provide an artistic touch.

Tiles are well-known for their durability and are an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in houses. Additionally, they are simple to clean and maintain. However, one disadvantage of tile flooring is the grout between the tiles. It must be resealed on a periodic basis to avoid discoloration. Additionally, tile flooring might be more expensive than other types of flooring.

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Vinyl planking of the highest quality

Get the beauty of real wood without the hassle; LVP is visually indistinguishable from real wood. As the most common type of flooring, it is quite durable (as long as you choose a good grade) and provides a pleasant surface to stand on due to its slightly cushioned feel; it is also slightly more forgiving when you drop things.

It is resistant to water and is simple to clean, maintain, and repair. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals on it and avoid dragging heavy furniture over it as this may cause it to tear. As a kitchen flooring option, anything vinyl has the added benefit of being simple to install. This implies it is unlikely to deter a buyer, as changing it will not be prohibitively expensive or time consuming.

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Natural Stone

Natural stone is another excellent alternative for kitchen tiles. On the more expensive end of the spectrum, stone tiles (think marble, granite, etc.) and ceramic tiles are available in a range of colours and designs; nevertheless, the most common selections incorporate natural colours or patterns.

Natural stone tile requires somewhat more maintenance than porcelain or ceramic tile. Typically, they must be sealed immediately after installation and re-sealed at regular intervals thereafter. However, with appropriate maintenance, they may provide a beautiful and durable kitchen surface.

With so options available now, it easy to get confused. When building your new home, our experts will ensure you get the best advice on what materials to choose to make your new build stand the test of time.