Do you have questions related to your build or land?

At 3C Homes, our objective is to help you maximise your return on investment when building a new home. Regardless of whether you’ve bought a vacant site or are looking to add an additional dwelling to your existing property, we can help you make the most of the opportunity. Property development is still a smart investment and with our experience and clever design you’ll have the best chance of getting the most from your land.

Common questions we get asked?

  • What is your square meter rate for single level construction?
  • What is your square meter rate for double level construction?
  • What is your square meter rate for duplex construction?
  • What is your square meter rate for terrace house construction?
  • How much will it cost to Subdivide land?
  • What can be built in the different zones?
  • What is the most cost effective material to use?
  • How long does it take to build?
  • How long does it take for designing?
  • Which is the best guarantee available?
  • What is the best approach to save cost on construction?
  • What is the minimum maintenance period?
  • What is covered in the maintenance period?
  • How can we be sure that our deposit is safe?
  • How does the payment system work during construction?
  • Do you provide a guaranteed move in date?

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