Building Your Dream Home? Consider This.

There are a ton of things to think about when building your dream home, here are some of the most important aspects you need to consider.

Price isn’t always the most important factor

Everyone wants a Ferrari on a Nissan budget. The reality Is you’ll get the Ferrari with the budget of a Ferrari and you’ll get a Nissan with the budget of a Nissan. This applies to building your houses too. The one thing people are most concerned about is building the biggest home at the best price in the fastest time. Unfortunately, you can’t have it all. A good quality home build cheaply will take time, a quick and cheap build will not be quality, and a quality build done quick will not be cheap. The trick is to get the balance of quality, time and cost at the perfect balance. Here at 3C Homes, we work with you to try to find that perfect balance of quality, cost and time to suit your project.

The focus of the house 

Your home should be a reflection of your life. If you’re a chef at heart then put the kitchen at the heart of the building, if your more of a sports fanatic then look at making the living room the centre of attention in your home. When your building your dream home, you get to start with a blank canvas meaning you get to choose what you want and where you want it.  A great place to find inspiration is from your hobbies, need a garage to fit the boat in? or a patio big enough to fit the whole family for Sunday lunch? Then build it. What you want in a house can be designed for you and your specific requirements. And yes that includes a walk-in-wardrobe so you never run out of space again.

Your family dynamics 

Got three kids under three or three kids with their own under three. Think about your family dynamics, empty nesters probably don’t need 7 bedrooms and a young family of 5 will defiantly need a few extra rooms. Your home should be intuitive to how you live and entertain on a daily basis. When designing your home, it’s a good idea to invest in getting the flow right early on and try to find the right mix between large multi-functional rooms and smaller, intimate spaces. You also want your home to still work for you over the years, so future-proofing your design is also important.

The land it’s on

The land you’re looking at building on plays a big part in the design and build of your dream home. Were you looking to subdivide a property you already own? Knockdown the current house you live in or have you found an empty section near the beach or forest you’re looking into. Whatever it may be, the land will play a critical role in the final structure so it’s important to plan ahead and work out what’s feasible on the land. Once the land is sorted you’ll begin to get a good understanding of the landscapes, sun orientation throughout the day, and the neighbours that will all impact the overall design of your dream house.