How to choose the best mirror for your bathroom

Mirror Mirror on the wall, which shall be the one you choose to hang after all?

Mirrors are an essential in any bathroom, big or small and can offer so much more than merely a place to see your reflection. A mirror is an important element in any bathroom. Aside from its reflective functionality, mirrors helps enhance the style of the room. A bathroom without a mirror looks incomplete, and shouldn’t be left to an afterthought.

Framed – More of a traditional look, framed mirrors are one of the more basic types of mirrors. Framed mirrors offer a wide array of styles and designs, and you can easily choose one that could maximise the style of your bathroom.

Lighted – Built-in lighted mirrors work really well for more of a modern look. Combining your light source and mirrors offers a decorative yet functional product for the bathroom. A bonus – You can feel like a celebrity as you look into your mirror.

Medicine Cabinet – Practical and functional, the medicine cabinet mirrors is great for smaller spaces. Medicine cabinets offer additional hidden storage for all your bathroom necessaries.

Frameless – Frameless mirrors are for the sleek, elevated look of a modern bathroom. Frameless can match any kind of décor. However, you’ll need to think about the size of your mirror as large ones may be too overpowering for the space.

When you’re building or renovating your bathroom, think more about the additional functionality that your mirrors will serve. Is the space small and a mirror can help it feel more open? Will the bathroom get a lot of natural light, or will the mirror be used to help brighten up the room?

Whatever the needs of your bathroom are, 3C Homes can help you design and build your dream bathroom, and our expert project managers can help you choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom. If you think 3C Homes could help you get your dream bathroom underway feel free to contact us today.