Current bathroom trends for your new build

Having a modern, well-designed bathroom can make a massive difference in your life – and besides, it is one of the first and final places you visit each day.

Now is the time to explore the key bathroom trends if you're starting a bathroom remodel in 2022. You'll want to ensure your design stays ahead of the curve. Discovering bathroom trends will assist you in determining which room style is best for you and your home.

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Adding a touch of nature to the bathroom

Nothing exactly captures the essence of a spa experience quite like biophilic architecture. This is likely why biophilic design's relaxing, restorative qualities have flourished in a hectic post-pandemic society. The concept is based on the notion that there are designs that can reconnect us with nature in a residential setting. With a strong emphasis on bringing a variety of plants indoors, biophilic architecture is simple to duplicate - which may explain the trend's success.

This trend works particularly well in bathrooms, and with the growing public interest in sustainability, it does not appear to be going away any time soon. As for the plants that thrive in the bathroom environment, we recommend bamboo, Chinese evergreen, spider plants, and various varieties of ferns.

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Minimalist Ambience

Far from the austerity of the past, today's pared-back bathroom layout concepts evoke feelings of relaxation, not sterility. Cluttered days are long gone. Bathrooms have evolved from a maximalist jumble.

It is preferable, architecturally and aesthetically, to maintain a bathroom feeling open by not cramming too many items into it. Edit your amenities frequently, put your towels on bars or hooks, minimise pattern, and keep everything plain in general. Use a pedestal or wall-mounted sink rather than a bulky vanity, a transparent glass door rather than a shower curtain, and reflecting materials such as glossy ceramic tiles on a large scale to create the illusion of more space.

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Open Showers

Is 2022 the year when the standalone tub craze comes to an end? Probably not, but according to bathroom dealers, there is a clear trend towards a specific sort of shower. More individuals are opting for walk-in showers and wet rooms over bathtubs, while also eschewing smaller cubicles in favour of larger enclosures.

Consider the benefits of walk-in shower ideas and wet rooms or wet floor bathrooms – they're an excellent way to maximise existing space while also making your house more accessible and future-proof.

Additionally, open showers eliminate the requirement for a door on the shower enclosure, freeing up space formerly occupied by the swing of the enclosure door and giving the shower enclosure a more expansive impression. Showers with open doors are an excellent choice for a tiny bathroom.

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Luxurious Lighting

Bathroom lighting designs that make a statement are having a moment. Whether extravagant or crystal-clear, all-out splendour is the way to go. Recent advancements demonstrate that you do not have to entirely revamp a system to make a difference. Do not be frightened to take risks.

It takes some courage, but you can afford to use greater lights than you would believe is prudent. For individuals who prefer their lighting to make a statement or are inspired by luxury bathroom design, large chandeliers, drum pendants, and enormous floor lamps are all very much in fashion.

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As is the case with so many other aspects of our lives and homes, sustainability is a natural trend for the next year. We are witnessing a significant surge in clients choosing custom-made lighting items built from sustainable materials, and we expect this trend will continue. These items have a high-quality, handcrafted feel that will last the test of time, contributing to the overall sense of permanence and sustainability.


Elements of Industry

As prevalent as natural colours, materials, and textures are expected to be in bathroom trends for 2022, industrial detailing is expected to continue to grow in popularity.

Crittal shower doors and exposed pipes are two of the most often utilised applications in the house. A black frame complements a matt black shower valve, an above rain shower head, and an exquisite handset. This is a wonderful blend of internal glass panels with a low threshold tray. Alternatively, a Smart Design bi-fold or single pivot door may impart an industrial vibe while also creating the perfect appearance of space in a small bathroom.

If you're ready to make new build design everything you have ever desired, gives us a ring and let's get planning.