Current kitchen market trends

Kitchens have always been a vital part of our homes. This couldn't be more true now: Having spent the bulk of the last two years at home — and cooking breakfast, lunch, and supper there as well — we've developed a new respect for our culinary hotspots. Given that these areas serve as the heart of our houses, they should also look the part.

As the phrase goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is why it's critical to design your kitchen according to your unique preferences. However, staying current with design trends may provide abundant insight into how to effectively renew your home.

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Colourful kitchen cabinets

We bid farewell to all-white kitchens. In the kitchen, we've made the transition from stark white to warm, rustic, and all-around comfy sensations! For previous white kitchen fanatics, warmer white or taupe cabinets are an excellent alternative. Griege is a method to maintain that light and airy atmosphere while being current. (Greige is a coined name that refers to the area between warm grey and beige.)

Whether creating bespoke cabinets or a whole living area, neutral tones combined with bold colours such as deep greens, rich reds, and blues will continue to be a popular colour scheme for many.

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Design in monochrome and two-tone

In 2022, black-and-white will make a comeback in everything from kitchen backsplash ideas to cabinetry. We believe that in 2022, a strong trend for monochromatic and two-tone kitchens with more geometric accents and bursts of colour will emerge.

Whether you include it through cabinets, marble, tiles, or kitchen-friendly wallpaper, the trick is to avoid going overboard with this design. Utilize it wisely in terms of where and how you use it. As seen in the kitchen above, introducing a statement piece of black furniture into a white-themed kitchen is an excellent approach to make your space stand out.

Darker hues should be avoided in tiny areas unless they are employed as an accent tone. However, do not be discouraged: you can still integrate statement pieces (such as paintings, vases, or some of the best kitchenware) that allude to the trend.

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Multiple islands

Generally, kitchen islands serve as prep areas, dining countertops, and breakfast bars. Islands may also be used as impromptu workstations and conference tables for individuals who work from home.

This brings meals into the kitchen, and twin islands provide separate areas for meal preparation and consumption. While homeowners would want more space to create a second kitchen island, renters may surely experience the double island lifestyle by introducing a movable kitchen island cart.

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Herringbone Patterned flooring

Parquet and herringbone flooring are now trending in interior design - a trend that is expected to continue into the new year. Maybe the most frequently seen space in which it is used at the moment is the kitchen, where it provides texture and warmth to even the most modern designs.

A herringbone floor does not have to be made of wood; it is also available in a variety of different materials, including LVT and porcelain.

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Everywhere Marble

Not only does marble scream wealth and superior craftsmanship, but it also pairs beautifully with metallic finishes like brass and gold. Choose white or creamy marble to create a striking contrast with vibrant greens and blues. In 2022, richly veined marbles are expected to be a major kitchen fad.

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Wallpaper for the Kitchen

Yes, you read it correctly - kitchen wallpaper is an excellent idea. Often dismissed as about as useful as carpet in a bathroom, a new generation of wallpaper is now available that is particularly created for kitchens.

What we're seeing are determined homeowners who use wallpaper to offset the simplicity of white cabinets and neutral worktops. While some may be hesitant to use wallpaper in the kitchen owing to the high humidity, a nonwoven paper paired with enough ventilation will guarantee that the wallpaper remains in excellent condition. After the wallpaper has been hung and dried, we recommend applying a layer of matt water-based varnish to cover any edges and seams for further protection.

If you have a vision for your ideal kitchen in your new home, our expert team can ensure that it becomes a reality. Contact us today and let's get started.