Exterior design 101 – Landscaping

Building a home is a huge task, and you’re going to want to get everything right the first time. Taking the time to design the landscape should also be one of the tasks that you consider carefully to ensure you have a space you enjoy being in.  Here are some of our top tips for designing your outdoor space

Matchy Matchy

If your house is more of a traditional design, similar to our modern style home, then you may take a modern approach to your outdoor design. Though a striking change can be a nice touch to your design, your outdoor space will feel much more reliant if it feels like it flows from the house itself

Bring the indoors out

Trying to incorporate the entrance to your home with your outdoor design can help create an entry point in the landscape, bridging the gap between inside and out. This seamless flow from the indoors and outdoors can make your living space feel larger and encourage you to use the entire space of your property.

Find a focal point

Your outdoor area can be so much more than a simple deck and a couple of trees along the fence line. By investing in a spa or even a fire pit to enjoy in the summer evenings, you will find yourself wanting to invite people to spend time there. A focal point can also improve the view from inside your home and leave you excited to get back outdoors.

The outside living for your new home can be just as important as any interior room, not to mention making a great first impression with amazing street appeal. If this has sparked an interest in you and your thinking how you could overhaul your property, feel free to get in touch today.