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The biggest error most people make is overspending – underestimating the costs of the build. We’ve outlined the best way around this in our free guide.

Yes, we can assist you in deciding what to build, then partner you through the whole journey.

Talk to us – we can take care of the whole process from consents, to new construction.

We prepare a formal contract with an agreement on the initial deposit and start date, so we can schedule one dedicated project manager to work on your home.

Absolutely! You can choose from our range of pre-designed plans. However, we can also custom design a plan to suit your budget and site. 

Yes! This is your home, so we welcome your input in selecting the look and feel of your home. While we can still accommodate variations at a later stage, we strongly recommend selecting everything before construction begins as it saves time and money.

Yes – we can look after the minute details of a project.

Click here to see our building process.

It depends! Get in touch for a free site evaluation report to help you decide.

As space for you and your loved ones, the functionality of a home should be as per your lifestyle, while still keeping in mind that resale value.

It’s on a case-by-case basis – our goal is always efficiency, so if the location is going to add unnecessary expense, we’ll turn down the project.

No, we need time for proper onboarding and planning. This takes a minimum of three weeks. We also may need to schedule your project for later to ensure you have a dedicated project manager throughout your entire build.

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    Always check references and ask to see testimonials. Check that they’re a Master Builder then contact the association to learn about their track record and any previous complaints.

    The best way is to check the builder’s previous and current projects – if they’re not comfortable showing you these, that’s a bad sign. Check their health and safety policy, and how clean and tidy they run their current sites. When you view previous projects, check for details such as wobbly fittings or gaps in skirting or doors.

    Yes. Every project is covered by a 10-year Master Builders guarantee. Click here to see more.


    The only way to guarantee your project’s within your budget is to enter into a full-contract, fixed-price agreement with your builder. Then, review all prime cost sums and decide if you’re likely to spend more on these items than has been allowed in the budget. The costs for cabinetry and appliances, for example, vary hugely.

    Some extra costs that won’t be included in a quote are landscaping and lawns, washing lines, letterboxes, curtains and blinds. These items can add up very quickly.

    No, we’ll estimate for free. We do ask for payment for the next stage where we spend time creating a detailed quote. This model means you’re not paying for someone else’s quote.

    Yes, our prices do include GST.

    You get a realistic quote for your project. This means you pay what’s agreed, unless you ask to make changes along the way. Creating this quote involves conducting detailed analysis of your plan and requirements. This detailed quote becomes part of a legal and binding contract so you don’t get nasty surprises.

    No, but we’ll help you compare our quote with other builders’ – you may not be able to see the elements they’ve missed. 

    Payment options depend on the type of contract you have chosen. With a full contract you only make payments to one company, at specific stages of the build. You’ll get a payment schedule from us, so you know what you’ll need to pay and when.

    Lots of factors such as size, specifications and quality are involved. We strongly recommend downloading our free ebook here.


    We work on strict timelines and we’ll make sure you understand those from the start. We’ll also agree on start and completion dates so you have a realistic idea of when you can move in.

    Yes, but it generally adds time and expense to the project.

    You’ll be updated throughout by our dedicated project manager and our project director. We provide you an access login to the construction software and application to see all details in real-time from your smartphone.

    Weather can delay a project and hamper the construction. However, with better planning we can avoid major issues. We spend extra money for Hi and Dri packers on projects being built over winter so we can deliver a watertight home and continue work throughout the winter season. Completing foundations and earthworks before winter is also key.

    Any reputable builder will hold public liability and contractors all-risk insurance for a new build. If work is being done to an existing property, we will discuss the best insurance options with you to protect your existing property.

    Quality is very important. Poor builders often win the contracts on lower prices, then cut corners by using lower-quality material, reducing the quantity of materials used and opting for quick and easy fixes.

    Sub division

    Chat to us. A subdivision can be tricky and complicated. We have a team of surveyors, architects and engineers to make your planning successful and execution even better.

    There are no minimum requirements to subdivide and build in Auckland. It’s more about your end goal – what you want to do with the final building.

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