Maximise your investment value with our flexible solutions

Whether you’ve got bare land or a backyard big enough for a second dwelling, 3C Homes is here to help. Our flexible solutions allow you to maximise your land in line with the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Whether you are a land owner or a first-time investor looking at developing, 3C Homes is here to help.

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Demolish & build new house

Is your section big enough to build multiple houses? Let 3C Homes help you to maximise your investment.

Your current house may be old and small. The layout is not right enough for your growing family. Your kitchen and bathroom is getting old. It is hard to accommodate everything in your existing spaces.

So you are faced with the question - whether to renovate your existing house or start again.

Renovations can be sometimes stressful, expensive and time consuming. You may even exceed your budget. The answer may lie in demolish and build your house on a clean slate the way you want it with no constraints .

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Build a new house

Is your backyard big enough for another house? if you'd like to keep your existing house and build another, get in touch with us.

New build requires thorough land evaluation, proper planning & design, transparent build process, right budget and to be built within right time frame.

3C Homes is a trusted builder and have understanding of what happens through each stage of the building process. A successful build is the one where you know the challenges you may face before you start that building journey.

Your dream home is delivered stress free and right on time. Our 10 year masters builders guarantee comes with every new build. We are also proud of our 24 month workmanship guarantee. Now that's what we call a completed peace of mind.

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Build multiple units / houses

Want to keep your existing house and generate income from additional houses or a duplex? 3C Homes can help.

With the right size of land within Auckland Unitary plan, you can easily build multiple houses. A sub division may be allowed if your property is in mixed housing urban or suburban zone.

We have a team of surveyors who understand Auckland Unitary Plan rules and can draft a sub division design for your property. A plan with stormwater, wastewater, sewer connections, vehicle access along with design, consent and development stages to submit your plan and get your sub division plan approved.

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