Home maintenance & repairs

You may be able to do basic maintenance and repairs, like painting or replacing a broken window, but you need to be realistic about your limits. It might be better to hire a tradesperson and get the job done properly the first time.

By law, a professional needs to do some jobs such as gas, plumbing, drainage and some electrical work. You need a licensed building practitioner to do or supervise any building work that affects the primary structure, weathertightness or fire safety of the building.

If you’re doing your own maintenance work, make sure you take the necessary health and safety precautions.

Maintenance checklist

  • plan regular preventive maintenance
  • budget for major maintenance tasks (including repainting)
  • carry out repairs promptly to avoid larger problems developing
  • know how to turn your water, gas and power supplies off
  • know your limitations – get qualified help when necessary
  • know what jobs you must get a professional to do (for example, restricted building work)
  • get involved in your body corporate’s maintenance planning
  • combat dampness by insulating, ventilating and heating your home
  • check mould and water stains for possible weathertightness problems
  • understand the maintenance requirements of your home’s cladding
  • check cladding regularly for signs of water getting in
  • keep drainage outlets clear on enclosed decks and balconies
  • check your roof annually
  • clean guttering and spouting regularly
  • take adequate safety precautions when doing maintenance work.