How to choose a builder

If you’re in the process of researching into building or renovating your home, there’s one important relationship that is involved, your builder. But when it comes to the critical decision of choosing, where do you start?

Finding a builder is essentially like starting a trusting relationship. Entering this partnership takes a lot of honesty and trust from both the builder and you, the homeowner.

Do your research

Referrals and word of mouth are powerful tools to use when deciding on things in the building industry. Firstly, ask your friends, family and colleagues if they have had any experiences with builders or building companies. These close contacts will give you genuine reviews and indicators of whether a person or firm will be trustworthy.

It is also essential to do a background search online of builders and/or companies. It is also good to check whether builders are Registered Master Builders.

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Choose quality

If you choose to go with a Registered Master Builder, you are choosing quality. For builders to become Registered Master Builders, they must meet specific quality criteria, including their building experience, trade and professional qualifications, on-site management experience and workmanship. Registration means that their business is financially in good shape, bringing you peace of mind.

As well as top quality, only a Registered Master Builder can provide you with a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee on all residential work completed.

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Be prepared

When you first meet with builders, make sure you turn up prepared. Below we have collated a list of recommended questions you should ask before signing any building contracts.
These questions to ask are:
- How long has the builder been in business?

- Are they Registered Master Builder?

- Does the builder have a successful track record in building new homes or doing renovation work?

- Is the builder suited to the size and type of your building project?

- Does the builder have the available manpower and expertise to suit the job at hand?

- Is the builder ‘active’ in your area?

- Can the builder willingly supply testimonials or referees of completed projects, including some that you can contact?

- Who would run the job, how will you be updated on progress and how often?

- Will you be sent photos of the progress of your house, and who will you talk to if you’re unhappy about something?

- When would the job start, finish and who advises you of any delays?

- How long will it take to get plans drawn up, and how long will the building consent process take?

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Things to do:

- Make sure you feel 100% comfortable with your choice of builder. It is important to get into open and honest communication to make sure everything is agreed upon. That way, if any problems arise in the process, communicating these problems won’t be an issue.

Ensure your builder also asks you questions about what you want to get out of your build and best understand your project.

- Don’t make verbal agreements; get everything in writing.

- Ensure that you can cover all of your costs in your finance and any additional costs that may arise.

- Ask for a guarantee.

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Why choosing the right builder is important.

Your project is a high-cost situation, so you want to make sure that the builder and/or company you choose is the best for you because if they get things wrong, it can affect your wallet, health and safety.

Respect from your builder is essential; they spend the whole day at your house and in your environment, especially when renovating. Building is also a dirty job, so a builder with respect for your property and accepts your ground rules is essential.

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At 3C Homes, we are not only Master Builder Registered but also a trustworthy team who can provide you with the home you deserve.

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