How to give your home the kerb appeal?

First impressions are the one of those make it a break it moments. Typically, we don't consider if the outside of a home does credit to the interior until we have visitors or are ready to begin looking for our next home.

Most of us pass daily by an unattractive front fence, veranda, or even front door without considering how these features add to the overall appearance of your property. It's important to take account and consider how to give your front door a genuine character from the sidewalk. However, updating your front door does not have to be expensive, time-consuming, or complex. Additionally, it enhances the pleasure of returning home.

Therefore, whether you've recently moved into a new home, want to brighten up your long-term residence, or are considering placing your property on the market and moving on, our suggestions are the ideal approach to infuse your entryway with flair and kerb appeal.

What is "Kerb Appeal"?

The word "kerb appeal" refers to a house's outward look. Additionally, it may be used to describe the appearance of a home when viewed from the street or road on which it is located. Frequently, kerb appeal is used to describe how aesthetically appealing a residence is to prospective purchasers.


Driveways, walkways, and entrances

Consider the areas you travel through before you enter your front door. Are you the proud owner of a front gate, driveway, or lawn? This is an excellent place to begin.

Clean paving and walks: Over time, paving, paths, and even doorsteps can become dirty and slippery. Clean and refresh large portions of cement and block paving using a pressure washer; this will restore the pavement to its natural colour and remove any unattractive moss. Choose paving-specific pressure washer attachments to expedite this process and eliminate spills.

If you're working with a smaller area, such as a little front path or a doorway, a scrubbing brush and hot water will suffice. Whichever method you choose, use a detergent made specifically for outdoor pavement - not only does this help keep the surface sparkly clean, but it will also help prevent mould formation, keeping the surface looking good for longer.

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Renovate the doorway

As the gateway to your house, your front door sends a message about the rest of your home. It establishes whether guests or potential purchasers will see the property as friendly and well-maintained. Barbara Corcoran, an American real estate magnate, has stated that purchasers make their decision to purchase a home within the first eight seconds of a showing, implying that first impressions are really important.

Enhancing your front door is a rather straightforward process. A little restoration can breathe new life into weathered wood. Using metal polish on the door fittings helps eliminate rust and dirty stains, restoring the appearance of an old door. Additionally, a fresh coat of paint helps you to infuse your property with colour and character.

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Take note of neighbouring properties

If your new home will be located between, adjacent to, or in close proximity to other houses, it is worthwhile to consider their dimensions while planning a design for your own.

Connecting to the setting of a site does not require you to replicate the next home. Conversely, when elevational components such as eaves heights, roof ridges, cill, window and door heights are consistent throughout buildings, a more pleasing and cohesive composition arises.

There is no need that the style, materials, or the overall design of a house must match those of neighbouring dwellings, but a gesture to the vernacular in general will frequently help a house blend in nicely with its surroundings.

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Refresh your colour scheme

If you're searching for a simple way to improve the appearance of your house, try changing the colour palette of your doors and windows to match. Not only does this clear up any dull-looking areas of your outside, but it will also introduce a new, fresh look for even the most jaded of facades.

To achieve a seamless appearance, select complementary hues that enhance one another, beginning with a neutral tone for dominating sections such as rendering or brickwork, followed by accent colours for doors and trim colours for window and door frames.

Keep windows and trims in good condition

Do you lack the funds necessary to modify the exterior of your home? Repainting woodwork and windows will cost roughly $2000 while still increasing value. Even cleaning filthy windows may improve the appearance of your house and make it more appealing.

If you have a vision for your ideal home, our expert team can ensure that it becomes a reality. Contact us today and let's get started.