Interior Decorating 101: Carpet

The carpet you choose for your new home won’t be changed for a long time, it’s one of the long term investments of building a house that should be considered carefully.

There are thousands of choices when it comes to choosing the carpet for your home. Our supplier, Carpet Country has been selling and laying carpets for nearly 20 years, developing a reputation as one of the best carpet suppliers and installers in the Auckland area.

The experts at Carpet Country can help walk you through the process of choosing the right type of carpet. When you are choosing your carpet, you need to start with a good foundation. Carpet country’s’ foam underlay comes in two types: 10mm thick – 90kg/m3 density and 11m thick – 120kg/m3 density. A good foundation will help keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer.

The colour you choose for your carpet should reflect the feel of the room. A lighter coloured carpet will make the room look brighter while A cooler coloured carpet will make the room feel calmer. Matching the right wall colour can really enhance the overall look of your carpet.

Tip: The lighting in a room will have a big impact on how the colour of the carpet appears. It’s always a good idea to test a sample of the carpet colour you’re considering in each space before you make your final decision to see how the light may affect the look you were going for.

Choosing your carpet can sometimes be overwhelming when you’re not sure what to look for. When you build your home with 3C Homes, your assigned project manager will work with you and a consultant from carpet country to ensure you understand what your buying. Were all about making the process of building your home as easy and stress-free as possible.