Interior Design 101 – Kitchen

The kitchen was once a placed intended to be hidden from the rest of the home. Nowadays it’s become the heart of a home and should be both functional for cooking and living. The kitchen is the centre of your day to day life and should be designed with just that in mind.

Your kitchen will most likely be the hub of the home. When planning the space, consider what else the area will host, will the kids do their homework in the kitchen,

How will the space affect in operating your major appliances such as wall ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators? Will you have enough space to keep your blenders, mixers, pasta maker, etc. Will you be hosting your guests on the kitchen bench on a Friday night? Is there a walk-in pantry? It’s important to design a space that inspires you and creates a comfortable space in your home.

Storage is key. No matter how many cupboards you think is necessary if there is space to add more, you should probably add more. The kitchen is the hub of the home remember, and the hub is usually where things get left to find a home. Maybe you’ll end up with three junk draws, but at least three space to put your junk.

Find a focal point. You may want fancy coloured tile, deep caramel wood floors a shiny range hood. But that will be too much detail on the eye, and you won’t know where to look. Pick one focal point you want in your kitchen and complement that area with a few other simple, eye-catching details. Less really is more when it comes to the kitchen.

Let there be light. Natural light will be key to making your new house feel like a home. If you have a view – make the most of it and put the countertop/sink facing the view. If you don’t have one that’s okay too, try to incorporate a sunroof to let the light flood in on cold winter mornings.

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