Lock Down Food Drive

Level 4 lockdown was a shock to the system for many kiwis. With job losses and an economic crisis on one hand and a global pandemic on another, many people were struggling all around.

One of the worst affected were international students, who were stuck alone in a country away from their families during a very uncertain time. 3C Homes recognised how difficult this time must have been for the international students and partnered with Apna Television to sponsor food parcels for those who needed them.

We are pleased to say we helped over 800 international students in their time of need. The students reached out to Apna Television seeking assistance. Food parcels were delivered to students during these uncertain times of level 4 lockdown.

Apna Television and the students were very grateful for the support that 3C Homes were able to provide. The food parcels contained the essentials, milk, bread, fruit and veggies. This small act of kindness was appreciated by those who were in need and felt alone during unprecedented times.

With the lack of subsidies for students in general, many international students were running out of money and wondering how they could afford to pay the rent and put food on their plates. Parcels were delivered as many students didn’t have access to transport and were unable to pick up the food parcels.

As a company, we are grateful we were in a position to help those in need during a tough time for us all. We want to thank Apna Television for all the work they did during the lockdown and are proud we were able to work with them to help these international students out in their time of need.