Medium Density Housing

With more and more kiwis looking to build, own and live in medium-density housing, as a way to get on the Auckland property ladder, we thought we would walk you through some of the essential elements needed to make a medium-density housing project a success.

First-time home buyers, young professionals, students, and young families are all possible residents who will be attracted to medium density builds as a mechanism to help with housing affordability. Higher density living also appeals to seniors and empty nesters who desire to downsize from larger family homes to smaller, more modern dwellings. The design methodology is also acknowledged as a means to raise the ratio of people to land area while still retaining the quality of the urban lifestyle, strengthening existing neighbourhood communities, and enhancing resident interconnectivity.
Moreover, as the Auckland Plan is implemented through the upcoming Unitary Plan, which will replace all District and Regional Plans administered by the Auckland Council, it is expected that medium and high-density development will account for a substantial chunk of new residential development throughout the next 20 years.



Due to the Auckland unitary plan, medium density housing projects are only allowed to be built in certain areas of Auckland. This ensures that medium-density housing projects have optimal public transport nearby and good local and community facilities like parks and shops to compensate for medium-density housing changes and designs.

For example, many medium-density housing projects forgo a garage, opting to increase the living space or reduce the backyard to increase the shared driveway. Thus, the amenities and location for these projects need to be carefully considered when opting to build.

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Design & Build Quality

The most serious issue in Auckland's existing dwellings is cold and damp housing. While medium density housing is still new to the Auckland housing market, the designs and build quality must be above what consumers can buy in a stand-alone home. Medium density houses are compact but should to a certain level include your requirement for privacy, access to sunlight and security.

People have different lifestyles and needs that and finding the right builder to work with will ensure that all the needs are catered for. Besides, healthy housing is fundamental to our health and wellbeing. When a design looks the part, and the building is built to a higher quality, it will be less likely to need much maintenance and repairs. This is a real drawcard for first home buyers in the Auckland market.

A good site design should include some fundamental features of a healthy home such as retaining trees and plants, minimise runoff, terrace designs, overlooking views etc. Although, all of this might not be attainable, working with expert building teams will help tick most off the list.

3C Homes is a leader in the Auckland building market, building award-winning solutions for our clients. Our architects understand the importance placed on a design, and our project delivery team understands the importance placed on the quality of the build. We also offer a 10-year master-builder grantee on all our projects to ensure our craftsmanship is of the highest quality.

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One big problem facing medium density housing is the fear for the owners and occupiers is that there will be a lack of parking while living in medium-density housing. With many medium density housing designs opting to maximise the living space, a garage is often sacrificed. To overcome this lack of parking fear, looking for parking options in your landscaping is important. Optimising a driveway to ensure enough parking for each home is a great way to alleviate those owner/occupier fears. This comes from working with an architect who can optimise your site design and plan where cars can be left safely on the driveway without compromising the use of the driveway.

When you build a medium-density housing project with 3C Homes, you can be assured that our team will work with you to ensure the best return on your investment. If you are interested in exploring your property’s development options, please contact us via our contact us page to chat with one of our development experts.