New Home Maintenance

You’ve got a new home and you are not quite sure how to look after it. After all, even a brand-new home will need a little bit of love every now and then. Regular maintenance can help keep your home in tip top shape and a little bit of time spent every now and then can stop potential problems escalating in the future.

Roofs – the roof is the one element who gets to deal with every drop of rain and every ray of sunshine. When you are going about your annual maintenance, its important to get up there and check that everything is still okay. Checking things like the gutters are clear and the roof hasn’t had any major damage can help keep nasty repair costs down by fixing any minor issues before they become major. Things like corrosion and missing roof panels can be easy fixes if caught soon enough so spending a little bit of time keeping it maintained can help in the long run,

Driveways – your driveway is the entrance to your home, it should be looked after and maintained just as well as any other part of your home. After a long winter of storms and rain, there often tends to be a build-up of general debris left on the driveway. Why not give the driveway a once over with the pressure washer and some 30 seconds outdoor cleaner to keep any moss and mould from calling your driveway home? Driveways that are left to the elements often become a hazard to those who use it, becoming slippery and unstable so its best to keep on top of it with the spring clean.

Gardening – there’s nothing worse than leaving your garden to be taken over by nature. That beautiful outdoor area you once had when you moved in can be easily taken back by the niggly weeds that grown. Every couple of months bust out the weed killer and dig up the stubborn roots to keep your garden looking as good as the day you moved in.

Heating – winter usually means cooler weather and warmer air being pumped out of the heat pump. With the additional use, your air conditioning unit will probably need a little bit of TLC. Check for things like blocked filters and dirt build-up, if you can clean it yourself then go for it but If you think it needs a bit more attention, why not treat it to a service from a professional. After all it did keep you warm all winter and no doubt it will cool you down in the summer months too.

Ventilation – many new homes come with the latest and greatest ventilation systems that take the air from the roof space and filter it into the main living areas, to help draw excess moisture out of the air and preventing mould and condensation from damaging your home. This means there’s a lot happening behind the walls that need to be checked out regularly to make sure things are all in working order. If you think that’s beyond your DIY skill, get a specialist to pop round and check everything’s all running smoothly.

Fireplaces – if you have the fireplace keeping your home warm and cosy, chances are you’ll need to get in there and give the chimney a good clean. You might need to call a professional to help as the task can be tricky for those who haven’t done it before, but keeping your fireplace clean when its not in use can help protect your asset and keep any fire hazards at bay.

Dusting – a simple yet often forgotten part of home maintenance is the dusting. Not talking about wiping down the tables and vacuuming the floors, I’m talking about the tops of the windowsills, under the tv and all the little corners dust bunnies love to hide out. Keeping the dusting under control can help improve the air quality and health of those in tour home.

When you build a new home with 3C Homes, we don’t let go about the maintenance without guidance. We offer a workmanship warranty of up to 24-months with every new build. We also provide you a maintain bible to refer too when we hand over. If you think you’d like to build your own low maintenance new home, feel free to get in touch via our contact us page.