Peace of Mind with 3C Homes – The 2-Year Workmanship and 10-Year Master Build Guarantee

Investing in a new build is a significant milestone, and one of the key considerations for any homeowner or property investor is the quality and longevity of their investment. This is where reputable builders like 3C Homes shine, offering not just beautifully designed and well-constructed homes but also invaluable peace of mind through their comprehensive guarantees.

In this blog, we’ll explore the 2-Year Workmanship and 10-Year Master Build Guarantee provided by 3C Homes and how these guarantees benefit new build owners.

The 2-Year Workmanship Guarantee

What It Offers:

The 2-Year Workmanship Guarantee provided by 3C Homes is a testament to their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This guarantee covers any defects in workmanship that may arise within the first two years after the completion of your new build. It ensures that any issues related to the construction process, such as faulty materials or workmanship, are promptly addressed and rectified at no additional cost to you.

Benefits for New Build Owners:

Immediate Repairs: If any workmanship defects become apparent within the first two years, 3C Homes will promptly address and repair them, saving you from the hassle and expense of fixing these issues yourself.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that your builder stands behind their work for an extended period gives you peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your new home without worrying about potential defects.

Quality Assurance: The 2-Year Workmanship Guarantee demonstrates 3C Homes’ commitment to delivering homes of the highest quality. It ensures that your new build is built to last and meets the standards you expect.

The 10-Year Master Build Guarantee

What It Offers:

The 10-Year Master Build Guarantee is a comprehensive and industry-recognized warranty that goes above and beyond the standard workmanship guarantee. This guarantee covers a wide range of potential issues that may arise over the first decade of your new build’s life. It includes protection against structural defects, weathertightness, and loss of deposit, among other things.

Benefits for New Build Owners:

Structural Integrity: The 10-Year Master Build Guarantee provides assurance that the structural elements of your home are built to last. If any structural defects emerge during the covered period, the builder is responsible for repairing or rectifying them.

Weathertightness: New Zealand’s climate can be demanding on homes. This guarantee covers any weathertightness issues that may arise, ensuring that your home remains dry and free from moisture-related damage.

Financial Security: The guarantee offers protection in case your builder is unable to complete the project or if they become insolvent. This helps safeguard your investment and ensures that your home is completed as planned.

Transferability: The 10-Year Master Build Guarantee can be transferred to subsequent owners if you decide to sell your property within the covered period. This can enhance the resale value of your home and provide added reassurance to potential buyers.


Choosing a builder that offers both a 2-Year Workmanship Guarantee and a 10-Year Master Build Guarantee, like 3C Homes, is a wise decision for new build owners. These guarantees provide not only immediate protection against workmanship defects but also long-term security for structural and weathertightness issues. They offer peace of mind, quality assurance, and financial protection, making your investment in a new build a sound and worry-free one.

If you’re considering a new build in Auckland and want to experience the benefits of these comprehensive guarantees, 3C Homes can guide you through the process. With 3C Homes as your builder, you can be confident that your investment is backed by industry-leading guarantees, ensuring that your new home is built to last and stand the test of time. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of working with a builder that prioritizes your peace of mind and satisfaction.