Pre-designed vs architectural build

There are a lot of interesting plans to make if you want to build in 2021 and with it comes plenty of questions and designs to think about. There are many paths you can take. You could work with a company with pre-designed house plans, where you choose a couple of colours, and your home will be built to plan. Or work with an architect to design something especially suited to you, your needs, your site, and your style.

So, what are the difference between getting a pre-designed home and an architectural home?

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The cost of pre-designed homes tends to be less than that of those designed by an architect. This is due to most of the design work being done already. These kinds of homes look to match your site as effectively as possible and often do not take into consideration the site itself. Most construction companies will allow minor changes to the plans, but the main advantage of using pre-designed plans is that the builder knows exactly how much it will cost to build, the supervisor can build many of them at once, and they have negotiated very competitive rates for all materials, fittings, and fixtures. The advantage is that they may be highly cost effective. The disadvantage is that the design will be generic, rather than personally developed and fitted for each family, and there will be restrictions on what you may modify.

With architecturally designed homes, they look at the site, the advantages, and your desires to design a home that effectively uses the site to its advantages. This will take longer and cost more; however, when an architect starts to design a passive home, you will find yourself saving money in winter from heating and summer from cooling. Small details like the window placement and angle of the home can only be considered in a design when an architect is brought in. This custom procedure is one-of-a-kind and personalised. The advantage is that you will have a one-of-a-kind house that is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

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With pre-designs you can select anything from that agreed-upon range for the agreed price on your contract. This includes the elevation; while you may have a say in how the front of your house looks, you are frequently limited to choose from pre-existing styles.

With an architect, you get a one-off design that takes the best advantage of the site, in the style you prefer, and meets your personal needs. They will let you to pick what you want and will assist you in sourcing and customising products that complement your style and personality. If you have always wanted a specific style of paver for your patio, or if you prefer granite or marble in your kitchen, they will make it happen. It may also bring a premium price when you sell. Although it is more expensive, an architect will work with you to ensure your new home has everything you need. Pre-designed homes tend not to focus on the site advantages and do not allow for many variations to suit your needs without its hefty costs.

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Often pre-designed homes come in a one-design-fits-all. If you want to start moving walls and changing the layout, you are in for a hefty bill. This is because pre-designed homes are intended to be built the same by each builder. When you start making variations, if you are allowed, it will cost you more than if you just got an architect in at the start. The more variations customers make on a pre-designed home, the more problems they cause for the builder, whereas with an architect on your team, making variations is a breeze as they are designing a home to suit your needs entirely.

In the end, you get what you paid for. The most important aspect is to work with a reputable builder. At 3C Homes we work by establishing trust early on and maintain it throughout the build, making the entire process an joyful experience.