Looking at Property Investment in Auckland?

The Auckland housing market is ripe with investment opportunities at the moment, thanks to the Auckland unitary plan. Let’s take a look at why you should consider building an investment property in Auckland.

The current housing crisis Auckland is facing means there are always going to be buyers and renters ready to jump at a deal.  For landowners, this means you may have the potential to build an investment property in your own back yard.

Building for the market – when building an investment property, you can do research and talk to real estate agents to understand exactly what the market wants and what the market is willing to pay a premium for. The right property will be rented quickly and at a price premium – improving your return on investment.

Instant Equity – if you’ve played your cards right when you get your property evaluated once you’ve finished the build, the valuation may be higher than what you paid. Instant Equity won’t happen for everyone, but it is common for investment properties in Auckland.

Built for the future – as the Auckland housing market continues to adapt to the high demand, kiwis will become more accepting of duplex’s opposed to the traditional freestanding home. With duplex designs offering essentially a two for one investment property, investors are building for the future and incorporating these designs to maximise their investment.

Subdivision – if you own land in Auckland and you think investing in property could be something you benefit from, have a look at our free Subdivision eBook. This will walk you through the steps to subdivision and how you could create your very own investment property in the booming Auckland market.