Quality every step of the way

3C Homes is committed to offering a quality service every step of the way. We not only pride ourselves on the quality of the end product, but the quality of communication and service along the way. We believe this leads to absolute client satisfaction.

Whether you are a land owner or a first-time investor looking at developing, 3C Homes is here to help.

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01 - Subcontractors

Each contractor has the responsibility to check that quality is delivered through their internal systems. However, these are also monitored by 3C Homes throughout the build process. After each task is completed, they are added to our internal checklist for quality assurance and signed off by 3C Homes. This ensures accountability and guarantees quality.


02 - Project managers

Our project managers are continuously on site to ensure a high level of quality by examining and signing off subcontractors’ completed work. This ensures any potential issues are dealt with in a timely manner.


03 - Quality Assurance Auditor

We take our passion quality even further with quality assurance auditors, who inspect the project at two different stages of the build.

The first during the initial stages of construction, when the framing is exposed to thoroughly investigate the roofing, cladding, and the framing.

The second inspection takes place after the constructed is concluded to examine overall finishing such as paintwork and finer details.

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