Reasons to build a duplex

A duplex is two family residences united by a shared wall. It is a typical housing design around the world and a developing trend in New Zealand. Due to its affordability and contemporary design, this way of living is highly popular in urban projects.

It is a single-family residence with two distinct living quarters and completely separate entrances that may accommodate two distinct sets of occupants. Building a duplex may be an excellent investment for homeowners and landlords alike, so regardless of your phase of life, there are several perks and possible profits to be gained when constructing a duplex!

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, trying to make a solid investment, or downsizing, a duplex may be the answer.

Leasing out the other unit to get a second income

If you stay in one half of the duplex and rent out another, you may make a steady second income. It's always nice to be able to generate some more revenue from your project. Another option is to offer your additional property on Airbnb with the tag 'duplex living' if you have built a duplex in the particular region. Receive exclusive offers from tourists wanting to rent a whole house.

For instance, the land cost for the duplex, as well as subdivision and council costs, may total around $700,000. After constructing and subdividing the duplex, you may sell each unit for $450,000 and generate a profit of $100,000 within 12-18 months.

Additionally, a duplex could yield a high rate of return. For example, you may rent each house for $550-$600 per week and get a high annual return of 6.1 percent to 7%. Additionally, you may try renting out one half of the duplex to a renter while you reside in the other, ensuring that you continue to earn a good rate of return.


First-home buyers

For some, building development may appear costly and out of reach, prompting many to purchase pre-existing houses. With our fixed-price assurance and on-time delivery promise, new construction is a certainty – much more so with a duplex.

Sustaining an existing house, particularly on a limited budget, may be stressful, even more so if the home is older. Not only is a duplex often less expensive than a single-family house, but a new build also gives you the opportunity and freedom to customise your first home.

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Enjoy close proximity to loved ones while maintaining your privacy

Among the most common reasons for creating a duplex is to keep older family members near by while maintaining separate residences that may be designed and furnished according to your own likes and styles. Older family members will be able to keep their freedom while yet feeling secure in the presence of relatives.

On the other hand, if you have small children and lack the time or financial means to care for them 24/7, having elders nearby is advantageous. They can care for your children on an unpaid basis while you work, shop, or go out for fun. They may also be an excellent source of entertainment for your youngsters. The duplex is ideal if you wish to live adjacent to family members.

There are several advantages to custom building or selecting one of our pre-designed duplex layouts. Duplexes and semi-attached homes require smaller lots than detached homes, which allows you to lower your carbon footprint associated with dwelling.

At 3C Homes, we are committed to green building and use as many measures as possible to ensure that your house is both energy efficient and ecologically beneficial. Additionally, building a bespoke duplex might minimise the total cost of your property, expenditures, and maintenance costs.