Retro Recreation

They say fashion is like a cycle, and things that were once in fashion will eventually come back and take on a new lease of life. Whoever’ they’ were, there correct. Interior trends across the world are showing that consumers are looking to the 1960s and ’70s for inspiration in their homes. So let’s take a look at how retro fashion is influencing modern interior designs


The first thing anyone will notice about new interior trends is the use of colour. For such a long time now, interior trends have been based around natural colours that will go with any kind of furnishings you like. This natural look isn’t changing, its just making room for the new colours in town. We are seeing people opt for pastel pinks, mint greens and butter yellow for their walls, couches, cushions and rugs. Any kind of way people can inject a bit of colour into their lives; they are doing it. We’re not saying your interior has to transform you back in time but take inspiration from what worked then and see how you can apply it now.


The curve is back, from curved couches and chairs to mirrors and doorframes. The curve element of interior design is striking on the eye and is something that retro fashion tried to make big. But the world wasn’t ready for semi-circular couches back then. Now, after being locked in our houses for weeks or months on end, people are starting to see their 15-year-old couch and think its time for an upgrade. When the time comes for you to swap out the old dining room chairs and fix that broken mirror, why not be brave and opt for the curved option – your interior style will thank you for it.

Back to nature

If you think back to what life was like in the 60’s and 70’s, we weren’t big on importing from Ikea. We were however keen on buying our furniture from local manufactures, and we knew the quality would last a lifetime. With everything that’s happening in the global economy, we are seeing kiwi consumers opt for local options for their goods. Supporting the local economy as we did way back when is the most proponent rising trend we are seeing. So next time you see a table you like in Pinterest, why not take the photo to a local woodworker and get them to make it for you. You’ll be guaranteed to get a one-off piece, and you’ll be supporting the local economy while you’re at it.

At 3C Homes, we are always keen to listen to customer ideas and introduce them to our interior design & colour experts who can guide them through their build journey and build their dream home.