Land Development Auckland

3C Homes can develop your land into gold

The Auckland Unitary Plan has made it far easier to build more homes for the city. With a focus on increasing density, in many areas, the plan allows for seven or eight terrace houses where before you could build only two or three. Whether you’re a land owner or looking for development opportunities we can help you make the most of the Unitary Plan changes.

We simplify what can be a confusing journey, with streamlined processes, an experienced team and pre-designed plans. That means we help reduce overheads and stress, while maximise your investment.

How we can help?

Work with you to evaluate the suitability of your land for building.

Inform you of the capabilities and limitations of your site.

Ascertain suitability for subdivision.

Outline the process for a new build or subdivision.

FREE site-evaluation reports

Our site-evaluation report will detail your options around building, subdivision or other development. It will give you a fair idea about the home options available to you, and from there, we can discuss putting a plan into action.