Subdivide And Build Auckland

3C Homes makes Subdividing & Building property easy

The updated Auckland Unitary Plan has opened the door of opportunity for many Auckland property owners and developers. With focus on increasing the density of housing in a bid to solve Auckland's housing shortage, which means in many new zone areas you can build seven or eight terrace houses where you could previously build only two or three. To help you to make the most of your possibilities, we’ve simplified the journey of developing your section so you can subdivide and build with ease.

Whether you're looking to build a new home on a current property, or you're considering building investment properties to rent or sell, our subdivision specialists are here to help you every step of the way.

subdivide and build auckland

Subdivision process in NZ with 3C Homes

At 3C Homes, our Subdivision Specialists can assist you with understanding the subdivision time frame, cost expectations, and afterwards direct you through the whole NZ subdivision process.

Step 1

You’ve taken the first step in turning your development dream into a reality. – Just by contacting us, you’ve started on your journey! We’d like to offer you a FREE feasibility report on your proposed development, which will give you some options for what we can do on your site.

subdivide and build auckland

Step 2

Now we know if your plans are feasible, it’s time to start looking at the initial design process. This includes the all-important layout design of the subdivision. Here we will help you with your design solution that is essential to tick off all your desires. Here there are options, you can choose from our range of existing plans, designed with functionality and ease in mind.

We are able to gauge estimates of costs at this point, depending on what design you are after.

Step 3

At this point you would have received concept designs; however, you want to be 100% sure of the scope of the work and your investment. To do extended research, including Topographical Surveying, CCTV of public lines, and Geotech reports, professional assistance is required.

The amount of this additional research that is required is unique to each site situation. 3C Homes has experience in these situations and are able to ensure only necessary investigations and research is performed. We have a team of trusted engineers and surveyors who will consult and coordinate the whole process with you.

We believe in providing you with a realistic and clever concept for your space and estimates to maximise your return, taking into account every detail to draft a detailed action plan and estimate.

Here, we would like to meet with you to go through these details. From here we will provide you with a detailed plan of action, which will become a part of our contract if you go forward with us.

The detailed action plan will consist of the following:
1. Detail Costings
2. Timelines
3. Full scope of work

This plan can take up to 10 working days after receiving all the project relevant information.

subdivide and build

Step 4

You have approved a preliminary design concept and we have done the required investigation. By now, the subdivision plan has been set out and reviewed. Now it’s time for the most important part of the journey, the consent process.

We work to prepare and organise your resource consent application, which is lodged, processed and approved by council.

Our well thought out designs with detailed plans helps to streamline the consenting process. Consulting engineers, surveyors, planners and other specialists will be required to advise on the project in preparation of the Building and Resource Consent applications. In addition to the design team, 3C Homes have partnerships with a dedicated team of architectural technicians and a project coordinator that will work with the council processors to take your project through the consenting process.

Building Consent and Engineering plan approvals and processing are done by the council after Resource Consent is issued. We keep you updated throughout the whole process.

At this stage we will introduce you to your project delivery management team. The construction of your new home will be looked after by a dedicated project manager throughout the project.

The amount of research required can be entirely different in every situation which is where 3C Homes experience can ensure only necessary investigations are performed. We have a team of engineers and surveyors who will consult and coordinate the whole process for you.

subdivide and build auckland

Step 5

Council will present conditions on which the consent can be granted that must be complied with.

These will mostly be:
1. Engineering conditions (construction of drainage, driveways, etc.)
2. Survey conditions (Easements, and legal plans)
3. Certification and inspection conditions (proof sent to the Council that things have been done as they required)
4. Financial contributions.

Step 6

Then the real fun begins! Our team begins construction on your site at our agreed date. You will be provided with regular updates from our project delivery director and from the customer experience team. Our team works as per our thorough 787-point checklist.

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Step 7

Your site is now a dwelling! We aim to organise final inspections, final survey, 224C lodgement and Code of Compliance Certificate lodgement as soon as your new home is completed.

Step 8

Our delivery team will do a final walkthrough with the client to ensure that we have delivered your home as per your expectations. Our Client Satisfaction Walkthrough is undertaken with our project delivery and manager and project director. It gives you the opportunity to discuss your expectations and ensure you're 100% satisfied with the delivery.

What we organise for you

  • Sub-Division Planning (Resource Consent)
  • Consulting Fees (Architect, Engineers, Surveyors, etc.,)
  • Council Development Contributions
  • Water Care, etc.,
  • Sub-Division Practical work
  • Common Right of Way (ROW) & Private Drive way
  • Vehicle Crossing
  • Storm Water (SW) & Sanitary Sewer (SS) connections
  • Services to site (Electrical, Water and Telecom)
  • Sub-Division Completion
  • 224C Certificate
  • Title
  • subdivide and build auckland

    What is the cost of Subdivision?

    Great Question! The expenses of subdividing include, the resource consent application, establishment of services such as drainage driveway etc., legal and survey charges, and most essentially Council development contributions.

    The cost of subdivision generally varies due to the site contour and accessibility of drainage systems. You might like to consider the tax provisions of developing the land with your accountant or lawyer.

    We at 3C Homes specialize in Subdivisions and aim to make your development journey WOW!