Smart Homes

Home automation can feel like something from a back to the future movie if you don't know what you're looking for or aren't aware of the benefits. Let's walk through some of the features you can include to have yourself a smart home.


Fifteen years ago, you couldn't use your landline at home without cutting off your internet access; nowadays, most people need the internet to use their phones. Technology is changing, and as we progress with it, it's essential to keep the Wi-Fi up to date too. There isn't much point in having any new home automation products if your Wi-Fi is slow or dead spots in the home. Make sure to talk with your provider about getting your Wi-Fi in tip-top shape to automate your home best.

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From automatic mixers to fridges that tell you what is inside, technology in the kitchen has come a long way since the microwave oven. If you're looking to take it to the next step with technology, why not look into Amazon's Alexia. Alexia is a voice-controlled home automation centre that can help in all areas of the home. In the kitchen, Alexa can create and maintain shopping lists sent to your phone, convert units and keep multiple timers. The most impressive way to utilise Alexa in the kitchen is that it can control smart appliances. With smart devices or smart switches, you can get Alexa to control your appliances, pre-heat your oven, and even make you a coffee. It's like having a personal assistant controlled by your voice – right there in the kitchen with you – and no, this assistant won't sneak the cookie dough.

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There is nothing better than coming home on a cold winters evening to your home already warmed up to a comfortable 22 degrees. With home automation, you can set the heat pump to heat up while you're leaving the office so you can walk into a warm home.

Automatic heated towel rails can warm your towel up for your morning shower, and your electric fireplace can be easily switched off before you head to bed for the evening. This kind of home automation can save on power costs and keep you warm only when you need it.

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For peace of mind, you might be interested in boosting and automating your home security. We aren't talking about putting up a gate to access the property; we're talking about security systems and electrotonic door locks.

An alarm is revolutionary in terms of protecting your home, and new systems on the market allow you to set alarms for areas you're not using and can alert the neighbours of any suspicious activity. Electronic locks do away with keys and keep your home secure to those who you approve; you can even unlock your home to let the builder in while you're at work through your phone.

When you are looking at building your dream home, we can work with you to ensure your home is the smartest on the street and that all your home automation needs are met. At 3C Homes, we are here to help the process be as smooth as possible.

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