Subdivision can Reap Rewards for Property Owners

Subdivision can be a daunting topic to those who don’t quite understand what the word means. So, let’s take a look at what it means. Subdivision is the process of taking a piece of land and sectioning it up into smaller sections ready for new housing to be built. Basically, it’s the act of taking land, cutting it up into smaller land sections and keeping the council in the loop.

What is Subdivision?

Subdivision creates separate and saleable certificates of title for the owners of the land. It can be a long and expensive process but the results are usually worth the process. When people think of subdividing their property, they are often met with a lengthy number of process and coordination between Site Surveyors, Engineers, Auckland Council, Builders, and Inspectors. Though that all sounds difficult, we can help take that complexity out of the subdivision process for you.

How does Subdivision work?

At 3C Homes, our Subdivision Specialists can assist you with understanding the subdivision expenses to expect, and afterwards direct you through the whole land subdivision process. There’s a bunch of legal work that goes on behind the scenes of a subdivision including:

  • obtaining a resource consent from your local council (see How to obtain a resource consent)
  • preparing a survey plan
  • the sealing of your plan by your local council
  • lodging the subdivision plan with Land Information New Zealand
  • the approval of the plan by LINZ
  • lodging the new titles with the Land Titles Office at LINZ

It’s a bit of a process but remembers we will be there every step of the way, informing you on the progress and helping find a sustainable solution to any problems that pop up. And trust us – there’s always some kind of difficulty that surprises us along the way.

Can I get subdivision for my property?

Ah yes, the million-dollar question. Can I subdivide my section? Thanks to the Auckland Unitary Plan, many properties that were previously un-subdivide-able have been given the okay to subdivide to help tackle the housing shortage. The plan the Auckland Unitary focuses on increasing housing density in a bid to solve Auckland’s housing shortage, and means in many areas you can now build seven or eight terrace houses where you could previously build only two or three. And to help you understand the prospects of your property, we offer a free site evaluation that details your options for building, subdivision or other development.

What will it cost to subdivide the property?

There’s no set cost to subdivide a section. One estimation puts the process somewhere between $120,000 – $150,000 for an approved consent, a new Record of Title, professional fees and other requirements. Every project will have different costs associated so we recommend having a chat with one of our commercial team members to give you a good estimate for your section