Subdivision Timeline and Costs

Timelines and costs relating to subdivision aren’t all the same, singular figure. Each project is unique to itself, and no two builds are ever the same.
Subdividing of land is a long process without a one-size-fits-all criteria, with multiple steps involved. That’s why we have written this guide with you in mind to help ease the subdivision process, by providing you with a timeframe and costs for the stages involved in the subdivision process.

The timeframe of your project depends on the size of your desired house development and what is involved. The more complexity that is involved in your subdivision, the longer the timeframe will be at each stage of the process.
Just like these differing timeframes, the costs involved for your project differs uniquely to your build. This also depends on the complexity of the project and the work needed to be done. The more work that needs to be done, then the more people involved, which impacts on your costs. Costs throughout your project are associated with drainage for water and waste, power, and certification fees.

Below is a breakdown of the timeline of your subdivision projects process.


Feasibility Report

With 3C Homes, we offer the feasibility report for FREE. We will evaluate your site on your behalf, and provide our recommendations.
Our engineers will go through the shape and contour of your land, legal boundaries, height restrictions, fence locations, and whether sub division is viable for your project.
We do a high-level feasibility within a week and get back to you to discuss your options.

Request a FREE site evaluation


We have a Short Form Agreement (SFA-01), to get a concept design ready. It includes the site layout/plan, floor plans and elevations. We do this for a fixed price, which is useful for quoting the detailed costs. One of our professional team members will discuss the design options with you.
We have several design plans ready to go. These plans will help you understand the design options possible within your budget, but also provide you the freedom to suit your requirements. Considering you select one of our predesigned plans, we can provide you with a cost breakdown within a 2 week timeframe.
Starting your personal design from scratch is also an option. We will set our professional team on your project and start working on the design details. This design process is varied from project to project, and is dependent on the details and time involved. This meaning that an approximate timeframe cannot be stated for this step, as details may need changing and/or adding throughout the process.
Much like the timeframe, costs are influenced by factors in the world, outside of the design bubble. Not only are there external influencers but the depth of design that you desire has influence over your costs. Due to this a cost estimate can’t be given for this stage.

Detailed Action Plan

Once we have the detailed designs, we take about 10 days to quote a detailed cost proposal for Sub-division, Design and Building Process – Inspection to Completion stage.
During our presentation, we walk you through your detailed action plan and discuss all details to obtain the necessary approval to commence your build project.

Resource Consent

To start the subdivision process, we need to get the consent from the Local council. We start with Resource Consent (RC) which takes about 3 months to process, the Engineering Plan Approval (EPA) about a month and the Building Consent (BC) around 2 months. The whole process can take up to 6 months.
The costs involved with resource consent go towards the processing of the necessary applications.
Once we have received the approval, we begin preparations for the construction phase.

Construction Time

We begin site work for your subdivision and house builds simultaneously to ensure fast delivery of the houses.
The construction time is specific to every project with each project being unique in its own right. There are a number of external factors, including, weather, and events beyond control, that may affect the timeline of your project. With this in mind, we aim to have all construction projects completed within a 6 months to 10 months timeframe. With small builds the timeframe is between 4 and 6 months, mid-sized builds have a timeframe of 6 to 8 months, and larger builds have anywhere from 8 months upwards.
As with the timing, construction is dependent on your budget, as well as things that may arise through the process that weren’t planned for.
Once the build process is complete, we apply for S224(c) certificate to get the record of title issued.


A s224(c) certificate from the Council is a confirmation that a survey plan has been approved for your subdivision, and that all the conditions of the subdivision consent have been met by the project. This certificate will help us to request a record of title at the completion of your project.
Applicants should allow a minimum of 15 working days for the processing of the certification application. This timeframe could be extended depending on whether the application is incomplete or if further work is required to comply with the consent conditions.

Finally, we apply to the council to get our Code of Compliance Certificate.

Code of Compliance Certificate

A Code of Compliance Certificate is a certificate that is issued as a consent authority under s95 of the Building Act 2004. This certificate confirms that the council is satisfied that all the building work has been completed to the level according to the building consent issued for the project.