Sustainable homes are here to stay

It’s no secret the word sustainable has been a pop word over the last decade. But it’s not a fad, sustainability is here to stay, now impacting how cars, homes and lifestyles are designed. So, what is a sustainable home, and why should you care?

Sustainable: the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level, and avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. By definition, sustainable means preparing for the future as best as we can in terms of growth and natural resources.

These options were considered the eco-friendly options in their early years in the market and were often more expensive than a regular version. This wasn’t just for homes, it was for cars, produce, clothing and pretty much anything that involved you, a consumer. Nowadays, with technology advancement and more acceptable consumer society, sustainable options are becoming more and more prominent in the market.

Historically, construction hasn’t been the most sustainable industry, using a lot of different materials, energy and resources for every kind of project. With the rise of sustainability and the need for social change, we’re seeing a shift in how homes are being designed.

So how do you create a sustainable home? It starts with the design.

When designing a sustainable home, you need to use nature and the natural environment to achieve all-year-round comfort (e.g. concrete floor for passive solar gain in winter, overhangs for shade in summer). Why not try to use salvaged and recycled materials where appropriate.

When it comes to appliances, specify water-efficient appliances and energy-efficient appliances and lighting. Why not see if solar power could help power your home or even some of your home. Suppose you can’t afford everything now, future-proof by installing appropriate pipes into your house or concrete slab so you can install solar hot water and hot water heating later.

At 3C Homes, we understand the need for designing sustainable homes in Auckland. With over ten years of building experience in the Auckland market, 3C Homes has been a part of the sustainable home wave, and we want to help you into your own sustainable home. If you’re thinking about your next move in life and think a new home might just be what you need, feel free to download our FREE design and build eBook or get in touch with us today.