The Auckland Unitary Plan

If you’re in the property market or looking to enter it then chances are you’ve heard about the Auckland unitary plan. But do you know what it actually means?

The Auckland unitary plan seeks to zone areas of Auckland to help meet the growing demands for housing. The plan determines what kind of buildings can be built and wherewith the aim of increasing house density in the ever-growing city we live in. Under the plan, there are different rules and zones created designed to reflects how the land is used and what sort of activities happen there. There are many different types of zones, below is an explanation of the common house zones in Auckland

Single house zone

A Single house zone has the purpose of maintaining the current amenities of an established residential neighbourhood. The idea is to keep similar style houses in the area as to not overuse or overwork the amenities that are currently in place.  This zone is generally characterised by one to two storey homes and buildings consistent with a suburban built character.

Mixed housing suburban zone

The Mixed housing suburban zone is the most common zone for Auckland properties. The zone allows for more intense housing structures to be built in suburban areas in Auckland. If you own a property in Auckland, chances are your now eligible to subdivide and build houses in your backyard. New Builds in a mixed housing suburban zone will tend to be detached and attached housing options in a variety of types and sizes to provide more housing choices.

Mixed housing urban zone

Looking at the Mixed housing urban zone, you’ll see a higher intensity of buildings and allows houses to be three stories. Over the years, these zones will begin to change in their appearance as the buildings change from their original houses to the new three-storey terrace houses and low-rise apartments allowed under the Auckland unity plan. The idea of this zone is to increase the housing options for those who are looking to live closer to the city.

Terrace housing and apartment zone

This is the highest intensity of house and building zoning designed to enable a higher intensity of development. The buildings in this zone are designed to provide housing in inner cities with 5 – 7 story buildings and solid public infostructure available for the residents to use.  These kind of building are the small-scale apartment buildings you may have seen popping up around the place

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