The rise of the duplex

With the Auckland housing market stretched to its absolute limit, there's a new kind of home being built across the suburbs. The rise of the duplex is here, and Aucklanders are adjusting their expectations for what a home should be. Including the number of walls they get.

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What is a Duplex?

A duplex by nature is a house plan with two units attached, either next to each other like a townhouse or above each other like a small apartment building. These kinds of homes are popping up all over Auckland as an ideal housing solution, essentially being a two for one deal when it comes to developing.

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Who would live in a Duplex?

First-home buyers and young families alike find it more difficult to find a traditional home in the market. Mainly because those who own them are subdividing them, meaning there's less available. They are being developed into sets of duplexes, so homebuyers have had to adjust their expectations of a home to get on the property ladder in Auckland.

Duplexes have worked across the world for centuries, so kiwis have been late to the party to adapt to a new typical home design. Kiwis are coming around to the idea that they might have to share a wall with their neighbour, and we see this become a rising trend with the likes of Hobsonville Point. With spacious and stylish designs in good areas, kiwis adjust their expectations for housing and see the value in owning a duplex.

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How to Build a Duplex

Thanks to the new Auckland unitary plan, many previously un subdividable properties can now be split to tackle the housing crisis. This has left many Aucklanders wondering if their backyard could be developed.


At 3C Homes, were specialists in subdivisions in the Auckland market and can help you work out whether or not you could develop your property and whether you could build a couple of duplexes of your own. We have a range of pre-approved plans on offer that might suit your property. Feel free to get in touch today if you want to explore the possibility of building your duplex Investment properties.