Tips for choosing the right Shower Screen

There is something really exhilarating about spending time in a spotless restroom. One of the most crucial steps in creating the bathroom of your dreams is picking the appropriate shower screen depending on the utility you need and the aesthetic you desire. A glass shower screen is a contemporary and hygienic alternative to a curtain that will make your bathroom feel more spacious and lighter.

Glass shower screens are no more a one-size-fits-all answer; they now range from a range of curves and geometric forms to models with stunning metallic or coloured frames. A glass shower screen gives a streamlined, uncomplicated appearance that allows the bathroom's artistic elements, such as tiles or a vanity, to stand out.

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Here what you need to consider:

Bathroom Size

To obtain the most accurate estimate of the size, you must not only measure the bathroom's length, width, and height, but also the width of a hinged shower door, if you opt for one. There is nothing more frustrating than building an enclosure only to discover, when opening the door, that it overlaps the toilet.

Those with a tiny bathroom should choose a shower enclosure made of transparent glass. The transparent glass offers a basic appearance and does not restrict the size of the room; rather, it creates the idea of additional space. In addition, a frameless shower screen is suitable for tiny bathrooms since it lacks large attachments that draw attention to restricted space. Shower enclosures with tinted or frosted glass panes are recommended for larger bathrooms since they do not alter the proportions of the space.

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Hardware and appearance

The hardware and attachments of a shower screen are sometimes an afterthought when updating a bathroom, but they can have a stunning effect on the space. When carefully chosen, the hinges and knobs of frameless shower screens and the construction of partially framed shower screens can assist to define the overall appearance of a room and create a unified area.

Adding black hardware to shower knobs or wall hinges enhances their visual impact and streamlines their design. Black knobs and hinges are ageless and, depending on their application, may blend into or stand out from bathroom decor. If you like a lighter appearance to complement coastal design, nickel-plated or chrome hardware is preferable.

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Low volume drainage, incorrect tiling, a flawed shower design, or children who love to splash can all cause shower leaks. Leaks can cause both instant and long-term damage, since prolonged exposure to moisture can create structural discoloration, mould growth, and decay.

Choose a shower screen with an overlapping door and a seal on the opening edge of the door to limit leaking. The overlap will provide a barrier that keeps water from escaping, and the seal will aid in minimising water leakage between the door and the closing panel or jamb.

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Easy to maintain

This goes without saying. When purchasing a new shower screen, you must select one that is simple to clean. This requires that the glass be readily accessible and simple to clean. Clear glass is less difficult to maintain than frosted or coloured glass. Additionally, frameless screens are easier to clean than framed or semi-framed ones since they lack any fittings or small sections.

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