Tips for your balcony flooring

Do you want your balcony floor to be attractive as well as resistant to a variety of weather conditions? Determine that such an investment is both fair and long-lasting. Perhaps you're wondering what constitutes an easily cleanable balcony floor. Or are you intrigued by the thought of planks as outdoor flooring but unsure whether they are the correct choice?

If you intend to use your balcony for purposes other than aesthetics, ensure that the balcony flooring is resistant to the weather. The material you choose for your balcony's flooring might be the difference between frequent upkeep and structural issues and a well-loved sunny refuge.

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Wooden Balcony flooring

Many homeowners use wood for their outdoor flooring. It enables the creation of a sense of cosiness, which is especially useful when the area is vast. Additionally, hardwood planks are pleasant to the touch and do not overheat on particularly hot days.

If you're intending to create a balcony garden, a wooden balcony floor is ideal. Surrounded by plants, you may relax and take in their beauty and fragrance.

Typically, wooden balconies will have a wooden floor similar to that of a deck. The balcony floor can be constructed using large wood planks that can be painted or stained. Bear in mind that wooden balconies must be painted on both sides and that the type of sealer used is critical to maintaining the wood's condition.

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Composite decking

Composite decking has been utilised in nations such as the United States and Canada for around 30 years and was recently introduced in New Zealand and Australia.

Composite decking is made out of a combination of recycled wood fibres and recycled plastic (often 50:50), making it extremely durable and resistant to decay, giving it a far longer lifespan than hardwood decks. Solid composite decking, available in boards and tiles, is a high-quality, low-maintenance composite flooring product.

Due to its solid construction, it will not crack, warp, or shift like many hollow goods on the market – and, unlike timber decking, it is available in a variety of premade natural wood colours, eliminating the need to stain or paint it. Even better: it's simple to clean, requiring only a few soap washes each year.

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If your current balcony is built of concrete, or if you're adding a new poured or pre-cast concrete balcony, leaving it bare may provide a more attractive finish than covering it. While the idea of a concrete balcony floor may conjure up images of a dull, utilitarian surface, contemporary concrete floors offer much more than basic hues of grey.

Numerous pieces can be painted or stained to add colour or stencilled with elaborate motifs. Concrete is embossed by stamping, while etching and engraving create texture, obviating the need for different floor coverings. While it is feasible to cover old wood balconies with completed concrete, you should consult a structural engineer first to ensure that your balcony can support the additional weight.

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Ceramic Tiles

Probably the most classic way, but also the most disruptive. If your balcony already has ceramic tiles, you'll need to remove them first — a loud, dirty, and time-consuming task. Following that, you may instal your new tiles using an adhesive or thin set bed, followed by grouting — causing further disturbance, dust, and grime.

However, if you are effectively replacing a comparable product, you should not anticipate any issues or objections from your condominium association, other from some complaints from neighbours about dust and noise. Taking everything into consideration, there are certainly better options for refinishing a balcony surface these days.

As with any flooring choices, safety is paramount when deciding which material to use on your balcony. Consider characteristics such as slip resistance and stability, as well as aesthetics and cost, while comparing various alternatives.

With so options, it becomes easy to be confused! Contact us and we can assist you in giving your new balcony the makeover it deserves.