Why are single storey extensions a good idea

Want to expand the size of your home? Or are you looking to add an open sitting room to an existing home? A single-story addition is the ideal choice in this case. Whether your family is expanding, and you need additional room for them or you just want to reuse the property, these expansions are ideal.

A single-story extension can drastically remodel the inside and outside of a property. Frequently utilised to create a much bigger kitchen or open-plan family space, there are a plethora of design and stylistic alternatives. Single Storey Extensions are built onto a part of the house and one or more sides of the extension is attached to the house. A well designed and constructed side extension, if done well, will look and feel like a natural part of your home.

Often, expanding your available space is a better alternative than selling your home and finding a larger one. Moving is not the greatest option for a number of homeowners.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet your neighbours if you haven't previously. Conduct research on any house additions that have been completed in the neighbourhood on properties identical to yours. Consider what you like or dislike about each. Consider the effect that various types of home additions had on the value of the properties after they were sold. Make a note of any truly innovative uses of space that you come across.

Similarly, research places comparable to the one you're planning online to discover what others have done with a similar-sized expanded area. A home expansion is a significant investment, and you want to make the most of the opportunities it presents.

A single storey extension can be planned by a homeowner in collaboration with a contractor or by an architect. The design must take into account the new space's interaction with the old structure.

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Why should you build a single-story extension?

Single-story additions are a cost-effective option to relocating. Along with saving money, it might give the ideal chance to design the family's dream living place.

Having that extra room is the primary aim of the majority of homeowners, and ground floor extensions are by far the most popular method of accomplishing this goal.

Along from giving valuable additional square metres, single storey extensions provide a great opportunity to create a space rich with natural light that seamlessly integrates the home and garden.

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Ideas for Single-Storey Extensions

Your single-story extension's design and size will be determined by a number of things. These factors include the home's current layout, your budget, and local construction codes. Terraced houses benefit from side return expansions, whilst detached and semi-detached houses benefit from rear and wraparound extensions.

Modern open plan living rooms that integrate the kitchen, living room, and garden have been the go-to design for some years, and it's simple to understand why. The appeal of open plan living stems from its capacity to unite the family in a common area, maximise natural light, and create a continuous flow throughout the home.

Adding a second floor does involve adding weight to the current structure of the house. You must check that the structure can withstand the strain, since some older type homes were not physically designed to support the additional weight. As a result, an engineer's evaluation may be necessary to determine feasibility.

Several things to consider during the planning phase include the following:

• The extension's length.
• How the roof will interact with the current roof line of the building and its influence on the adjacent properties.
• Other potential concerns include the location of existing utilities such as drainage, electricity, and water mains.

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